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    Wow.  Never would have expected such a welcoming, warm, and top level music concert happening in a private home.  I have been to the concerts, and I just love the intimate, warm setting where you are welcomed by the friendly host-musician Aaron Larget Caplan.  If you arrive early, you are guided to their large, and cozy French style kitchen, where you can socialize with the other attendees over a drink and cheese!
    The concerts have been amazing.  Not only are the performers amazing, but I love the Q & A sessions afterwards, where you can directly ask any question you have for the artist.  Most of all, what's so wonderful is that you are hearing the artist up so close- -in a living room! You can watch them play, and the experience feels so visceral, and so much more powerful than if you were in a concert hall.  Afterwards, you can join the artist and the guests back in the beautiful kitchen for more drinks and delicious snacks.  Thank you for creating this series Aaron!!

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