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    I love The Gas. Its a cheap date with mostly great comics. Rob Crean is a good host and knows how to excite a crowd. If things every get out of hand luckily he knows karate. Usually he doesn't have to use it but one time I saw him confront a heckler who was getting mouthy. The dude would not shut the hell up, saying mean nasty things about the way Robert looks. The rude man called him Dumbo ears and let him know he has a pencil sized vagina penis. Rob gets the guy in a  full nelson and told him he could break his neck if he wanted to. Mr. Crean then politely asks the guy if instead of having a broken neck if he would rather "just cool it" instead and enjoy the show. The emasculated heckler says yes and Crean lets him go. Compassion is what separates us from  animal he proclaimed to no one in particular. Then he continues his act and knocks it out of the park with an amazing Luke Wilson impression.

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    The Gas comedy show is pretty great. I know this, because I'm pretty great, and I do comedy there. Other people who are even greater than me do comedy here, so it's doesn't get much better than this.

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    I'm a comic in and around Boston and The GAS is one of my favorite shows to perform on, and one of my favorite places to see comedy when I'm not performing. Rob Crean and Anderson Comedy have created a space where there are no rules or restrictions on the comedians. If a comic tries something and it doesn't work, there's no one there to berate him or care. It is a true asylum run by the lunatics and laboratory of funny. I chose this storied and rock and roll venue to record my debut album in NOV because I knew that Rob Crean, Great Scott and The Gas was gonna be a great time and make for a solid recording. Big Stars like Hannibal Burress and Marc Maron have seen the potential of this place, now you should too.

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