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    I love the BCO because it's intimately small,
    yet loses none of the high energy of a larger orchestra.

    All performances are conveniently held
    on the second floor of Faneuil Hall.
    Patrons are close enough to catch the expressions
    on every musicians face, emoting each note.
    (Only the front rows can see them at Boston Symphony Hall.)

    Tickets can cost $50+, so, if you love classical music,
    Season Tickets are the way to go.  Bring a friend,
    which was exactly how I was introduced to the BCO!

    THE DEAL:  If it's Spring or Fall, bring a sweater.
    The AC in the hall can be shiver inducing.

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    The Boston Classical Orchestra has a new fan. I've always been intrigued by classical music, but never had a great deal of exposure to it. I decided to volunteer with the BCO, where I had the opportunity to hear amazing musicians and learn the history behind some of the featured compositions. Whether you're a lover of classical music or not, you can't help but appreciate the sounds that come from Faneuil Hall when this orchestra plays.

    Reserved tickets are over $50, but they put you right next to the musicians if you must be part of the "action." As for sound quality, any seat in the house is a good one -- so long as the high school marching bands aren't playing in front of Quincy Market, which they were during the classical lecture that took place an hour before show time.

    All performances are held on the second floor of Faneuil Hall. Just be sure you bring a coat or sweater. When the AC is working in the hall you'd probably find more warmth in a butcher's freezer.

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