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    I loove NGMA! This is a wonderful music academy for a beginner or a learned musician. They also work with kids and they're great! The kids learn amazingly fast it's incredible. They have a program were you can come with your friends and you can learn together and you have an hour of private and an hour of ensemble. You can join an ensemble of course, if your friends aren't joining in. After a few weeks or months, you pass the first level and you have a concert, and it's really cool. Or you can just have private classes and those are great too. They teach all kinds of instruments. You should definitely go there and give it a try! The teachers are amazing and so talented, they have a wide range of experience in all genres of music. You will surely find this place a fit when you want to learn an instrument.

    Anyway, this is my experience at NGMA, I started taking weekly private classes on Feb/2010. Then I moved into an ensemble group, I stayed there for a few months learned a lot. It was really cool playing in a band, we were all at the same level and we all made mistakes playing so I didn't feel intimidated. Then I decided to go back to private classes again, and that's what I've been doing up until now. Give them a try, You'll love it!

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