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    When you don't have anything good to say, best not.
    When you don't have anything bad to say,..ha!!!!!!

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    Pretty cool rock bar.  Intimate setting with a tiny stage.  Drinks were a bit expensive ($5 for a pint of PBR or Gansett)

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    If you are going here for MUSIC, listen up.

    Radio has an upstairs and a downstairs to listen to bands. I went to see a band at Radio and they were playing downstairs.

    Couldn't find a parking spot so I parked at the big supermarket right across the street. Paid my $5 cover charge and went downstairs to see my band. There were 3 other bands on the bill, too. As I went downstairs I started to smell something. I then bumped into the kitchen, pretty much wide open. Walked past a ladies room and around the corner. Then, there it was. The band area. Maybe a 15 x 15 foot area, total. Right next to the men's room. No chairs, no stage lights. Dropped ceiling with fluorescent lights and linoleum floor. And I was still trying to figure out that smell.

    Someone from Radio dragged in a table/bar thing and started serving beer. There was a tiny PA system thing that the band was trying to figure out. No sound person, but it looked like this was a Radio house PA. The band started playing to an empty room (except for the other band members!!) and it was very loud because it was such a small empty room with horrible acoustics.

    Went into the ladies room and read a sign posted in there that said "don't park in the supermarket lot because you will be towed". Then I realized what that smell was. Sewage.

    This place has to be the worst place to see a band on the whole East Coast.

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