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    I like smaller crowds, good beer, sports, and engaging bartenders, which means I love, love, love Parlor Sports. I can go into this place, know no one, and in minutes start chatting it up with the people around me. Garvey, J, James, and John are the bestest. They always greet me with a handshake or a hug. It's like going over a friends house. Even if you're not a regular, you will be soon.

    They also do cool events like hold a Kentucky Derby Party with bad hats!  And after the Boston Marathon Bombing, they had an all-profits night go to the victims.

    For food, I recommend the steak and cheese and grilled cheese (add bacon and jalapeno) with tomato soup. I also love the Crispy Cobb salad.

    I've been to Parlor for big games (like the Patriots playoffs), and it's still a good, fun vibe....but I prefer there more casual nights.

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    The bartender is charming. The bros are broish. There was also a chick with pretty awesome hair.

    Prices are regular. Food looks okay.

    Pours are not ample. Whiskeys are not plentiful.

    I guess it's a sports bar? Or a pub? Or a dive? I don't really know. It's very tiny and cramped and not very exciting.

    Seems like a friendly place, and there is nothing offensive about it, but I don't think it offers anything in particular that would give it a place in my rotation besides the very specific circumstance of "Trina's is packed and the weather is gross, so let's just go in the bar next door instead of walking somewhere else."

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    OH man this place is great.  Beer as cheap as 2 bones for a 16oz can.  Also, the menu reads like a Tim Allen bit (roh roh oh oh oh).  Just meat and chips and cheese all congealed together.  Come to think of it, the whole place kind of looks like Tim Allen designed it.  Stainless steel tables and what not.  Now I know what you're thinking, maybe even saying aloud to yourself or a loved one who happens to be near your computer or smartphone. "Oh Tim Allen sucks."  This is true, but this place doesn't.  This place is a gem.

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