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    Allston Billiards is run by a Korean family, and their target customers are the Korean-American population. The pool hall contains only two pocket-billards tables, 4.5'x9' ball-return-style. Table 7 has unshimmed pockets, Table 8 is single-shimmed, meaning the pockets are slightly tighter.

    The tables are kept in excellent condition. The owner, Kun, will regularly brush and vacuum tables after each use. The upkeep of the entire establishment is flawless. The staff are very friendly and accommodating.

    There are a few sports drinks, juices, and Korean beverages available for purchase in a refrigerator, and the staff will also occasionally brew tea.

    Typical patrons include groups of young Koreans, older Korean men, and sometimes young Latinos. The room is fairly well insulated for sound, and there are no obnoxious echoes. It rarely gets loud. Although the establishment is situated above a mechanic, there is little to no ambient noise when the room is empty, with the perhaps notable exception of the staff's movies or Korean pop music.

    Rates are comparable to most pool halls ($12-$14/hour).

    Overall it's an excellent choice for Allston/Brighton natives looking for a fun, low-key place to play pool and enjoy being surrounded by a different culture.

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    So, this is not your average pool hall. They only have two 6-pocket pool tables, but they are pro-size.

    The rest of the pool tables have no pockets and they play a type of billiard game that I have never seen the likes of. Apparently it is a popular game in an Asian country, and I heard that it was once popular in the United States as well but had fallen to the dominant 6-pocket-pool games now ubiquitous.

    Nonetheless, the tables are immaculate and the cues are in perfect condition. It is a great place to partake in the sport of pool.

    However, you will pay $14 an hour, no p/person restriction though, and listen to Korean pop-hits.

    I love this place.

    Right, no booze.

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