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    Walking by starving we gave this place a go. The service was amazing - so friendly even though their grill is out of service. I ordered the smoked salmon omelette which was pretty incredible and just the right amount of hash browns and toast. The toast was made with rustic bread which was awesome. I ordered a "side" of bacon for $4....dear God...it was a VAT of bacon...no joke...like over ten pieces.

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    Are you looking for a decent restaurant in a nice and quiet community? Are you willing to spend some more money for something tasty? Well, if you said yes, this place could have your answer. The name sounds funny, because when I think "Regal", I think of people who are really noble, and when I think "Beagle", I think of dogs, since a "Beagle" is a breed of dog that seems to be fun to play with.

    Since I go to Coolidge Corner almost every weekend, I constantly walk by this place, wondering whether or not the food is actually good here. I called a girl that I recently met to get some lunch on a Sunday afternoon. We met up sat down, and started eating some food.

    I decided to get the Macaroni and Cheese with Pork Belly. It is moderately priced at around $16, but the portions are fairly moderate for lunch. The girl that I recently met ordered the "Beagle Benedict", which are these poached eggs with ham served on an English muffin. They come with these chunks of fried potatoes.

    The Pork Belly Macaroni and Cheese is pretty good, I loved the tender roast pork, and the sticky and somewhat crispy cheese. I would say that it is worth the extra several dollars to get the pork belly. The girl that I recently met said that the potatoes are not great. I agree with her, they were kind of dry and definitely not well cooked. The eggs and ham were really tasty, and I liked the flavor. Although the Beagle Benedict was tasty, I probably would not recommend this dish unless they really improve on the potatoes.

    This place is at a great location in Coolidge Corner. Service was surprisingly very quick for a typical sit down restaurant. Interior is nice, but if they can actually put the air conditioner on when the temperature is more than 25 degrees Celsius, then this place would be more comfortable to sit in.

    Overall, this is a solid choice if you are looking for a decent neighborhood restaurant in a nice and quiet community. This place may not have the best food in the nice and quiet community of Brookline, but it's still a good choice. I may not recommend this place for breakfast, but I would probably recommend this place if you want a decent lunch.

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    The raw salmon special app was tasty, and I also enjoyed the scallops over purple! rice.  My For Shonny drink was pretty good, too.  And how can anyone resist the bread sticks?!  I think they fry them.  Yum.  Above average food.

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