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    Ok, 5 stars - not given lightly. This place is absolutely amazing. It's my new go to after moving to Kenmore and, in the past month, it's safe to say I've been here 10+ times. I love it and you can really never go wrong. This is THE place to go in Kenmore any day of the week, any time. LOVE IT

    Service- Amazing. The staff is always incredibly swamped and yet, you always get food/drinks in a timely manner and they're really cool people. The beer list is overwhelming and they'll give you some really great suggestions which can obviously be a huge help.

    Food - Obviously the tots are crazy good. It's just insane. Paired with a hot dog with pimp toppings and you can walk outta there with a $5 dollar meal. Amazing. The Hummus Flatbread is also amazing. A bit of spice, a bit more hearty. SO good.

    it does get packed prior to red sox games and the clientele changes up a bit when games are happening. not a huge fan but definitely still worth a look.

    CASH ONLY - WHO CARES! It's worth it. There's an ATM there and you're surrounded by ATM's in kenmore anyway. No one should every complain about these things.

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    I haven't been here in a couple months, but they had my signature "mug club" mug on standby....

    Let me just say..... wow.
    I ordered a mug of harpoon, then moved to the patio... where you're requires to order food.

    I ordered the King of Kenmore chicken sandwich... sauce on the side, and tator tots.  

    The food was phenomenal... wow.  Chicken sandwich was tender and warm... tots crunchy, but soft inside.  Was a glorious meal!!!

    (from 04/27/12)

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    I'm an out-of-town tourist but I know me some beer bars. Came here before a Sox game.

    Beer selection was OK (12-15 drafts), prices were reasonable for the area and beers ($5-9), food selection was pretty wide and the Fenway dogs were a perfect pregame and were nicely prepared.

    I like the setting, especially the patio. It's kind of like a downstairs dirty dive bar...only, it's well designed and furnished inside and is well taken care of. The music was loud and well-selected. The service was a little slow -- no, a lot slow.

    I would definitely come back but maybe not go super out of my way.

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