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    I love havana club and go there almost every weekend.  So much better than the bars downtown.

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    Central Square is weird place. In both good and sometimes not so good ways.

    Havana Club might be one of the weirdest spots within it. In the very best of ways.

    No, seriously.

    This Greek-American club by day turned Salsa Dance Club on weekend nights attracts such a fascinating variety of people. I mean who wouldn't be lured in by the folding tables and chairs, makeshift bars serving punch out of giant crystal bowl and potentially sketchy bathrooms?

    Come early for the beginner, or intermediate (go you!) lesson. Stay 'til closing, or until your feet are literally raw from never getting to sit out a song. Ladies you will be asked to dance every song regardless of dancing skill. If you do manage to sit out a round, catch your breath, try not to eat all of the candy that they've put out on the table for you, and try not to get jealous of the moves of those super skilled salsa couples in the back corner. Remember to bring a bottle of water; and if drinking is on your evening agenda stop in beforehand at Green Street next store. You're going to want to skip the bar here Because of both the $10 watered downed drinks in plastic cups, and the reality that being buzzed does not make you a better dancer, even if it feels that way. But you'll be having too much fun to care.

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    Stopped by for Thursday night salsa dancing and had a good time. Most of the dancers seemed to be beginner or intermediate but everyone was friendly.

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