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    The group of DJs they have assembled are amoung the best in Boston, maybe the US I feel.  Satruday nights with DJ Kon are the highlight of my week.

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    Went here a few times on visits to Boston and saw some awesome parties... totally crazy people dancing and having a blast with amazing visuals, cool bartenders, good vibes all around.  Some of these reviews have people complaining about waiting in line which is weird because I've never seen that happen for more than a couple minutes.  The inside of this place is really cool too, just a huge dancefloor basically which is all you need!  The only thing I hate is that they close at 1, just when the party is getting started but that's a Cambridge thing - not their fault!

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    This place has potential but it's seriously flawed by a couple key things.  After waiting in line for an absurd amount of time while watching person after person pop out cabs and slip through the door because they "know" someone,  me and my friends paid the $10 cover an eventually got in.  We had never been there before.  Letting people in here and there is to be expected at any club but at the rate this place was doing it is a bad sign.  Other reviews hint to this as well, seems like management doesn't care.  They can make a lot more money with the paying customers, just sayin'!!

    The other issue was obvious.  The DJ.  I went to his site: Caserta Music and liked what I saw.  Seems like he has some traction.  BUT, it's a different story when you see him live.  Either he was having an off night or this guy has really lost the plot.  
    We were there for a little over 2 hours and people as a whole were not dancing much.  They were moving a bit so as not to look dumb standing still most of the time.  The vibe was lost and it was obvious.

    The DJ was doing a series of quick changes at one point.  A Dj's moment to shine.  But the changes were horrid.  Not smooth at all.  He was walking all over himself and it was apparent by the crowd.  They'd start to move a bit to the music and have to stop cold when he went to the next song because most were out of time and TOO short. Not good.  It got to the point where I decided to walk over and give him a suggestion to salvage the night.  I politely said "Hey can you throw a remix of a top 40 track in there or something?"  He sarcastically shook his head at me laughing,  grinned and said, "Nope."  I then said, "But these people aren't really dancing."  That one line caused him to flip out on me yelling, "#%*? you!  I'll knock you out right now! etc...." He even added hand gestures to this which really exuded professionalism and class!  I stood there non-reactive as did my friends and just shook our heads at this disappointment of a DJ.  And then to top it off he says over the mic, "Anyone who wants top 40 can go the $&@% home!"  He was amateur at best and that little outburst made him a hack. Really a let down.

    Like I said above, this place has potential.  But there are some obvious signs that management need to pick up on.  Firstly, there was not enough action at the bar. (the money maker) This is an obvious indication that people weren't thirsty enough to buy drinks.  This is because they weren't dancing enough! The bartenders were great and professional.  But they should be annoyed that their tips could have been better if there was better attention paid to the entertainment.  

    Location is good but the inside is a bit run down and the furniture is a bit cheap looking.  Could use a facelift here and there.  

    Overall, I wont be back anytime soon and neither will my friends.  It's clear the club is not making the money it should.  Or this place would be a lot better inside.  The DJ is trying for the "Art" of it (I guess) which is fine but he's not able to find that balance and isn't doing the club a good service by not feeling out the vibe.  And this was a Saturday night!  And management should pick up on this. But in general the people are nice including the staff.

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