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    Given it was the day of the St. Patrick's Day parade, South Station was a sea of green and with that came a lot of rowdiness, Club Acela provided a nice respite.  The club is located around the corner from the ticketing office and up the stairs (ring the bell for entry!).  When I arrived, the only other person there was the gentleman behind the desk who checked my ticket to make sure I was supposed to be there.

    On the other side of the check-in desk were the soda machines dispensing Pepsi products and Green Mountain coffee options.  There was a small fridge containing individual bottles of Tropicana orange juice and cranberry juices and bottled water.  Finally, there was a selection of snacks - individual "100-calorie" portioned bags of goldfish crackers and mini pretzels along with individually packaged portions of Sarah Lee products (like a slice of pound cake).  Adjacent to the snacks were stacks of the day's newspapers - you had your choice of The Boston Globe or the New York Times.  All of this was complimentary.

    The Acela Club itself is pretty nice with high, ornate ceilings contrasted with modern, minimalist furniture.  The center of the club features three TV's while the permiter has desks, small tables and chairs if you prefer a more quiet setting.  There is free wifi and a conference room you can reserve.  The bathrooms are toward the back of the club (opposite end of the check-in desk) and are spacious and well maintained (i.e. clean).

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    Lots of complimentary snacks, clean bathrooms, and plenty of room to sit.  Unfortunately, although it's a comfortable lounge, there is no direct way to get to the tracks as is the case at the Philadelphia lounge.

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