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    I'm sad/proud to say my friends and I spent about two hours here last night. It was a friend's birthday, and we decided to both take him out and
    mess with him. This seemed like a perfect solution.

    There was no one else there besides us when we got there, which is probably for the best. I think the dancers were taken aback to see so many people there, but it worked out for them since they made baskets of dollars. (They actually have little plastic bins they use to collect their dollar bills!)

    I'd probably say stay away from the food... one of my friends ordered some chicken fingers and they were burnt, which resulted in them being free. Score!

    Also, if anyone's interested to know: no, they do not do any sort of one on one dance. Much to the birthday boy's relief.

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    YES I DID ACTUALLY GO TO THIS PLACE. on a dare.  Tonight in fact.  It's a long bar with an older russian woman wearing a full jacket with hat and gloves.  Two bikini strippers were in the club.  One skinny asian girl and one booty-tastic black girl.  There are folding chairs around the 5 foot stage.  On a Friday night during prime time (11pm) there were 3 people in there.  My friend refused to come in with me. I left after 15 minutes.  A shot of whiskey was 10 dollars but very necessary.

    Good bar to go to for a laugh.  Wish I cold have convinced more people to come with me.

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