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    Get yourself a job or convince a friend with a job at MIT to take you to here. Head over anytime after 2PM. Curl up in the foyer with a view of the river - get some work done. Or, show up later on in the evening, have a cheap pitcher of beer, order in any local eatery, and enjoy.

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    I've been here a few times, and I think "nerdy" and "boring" are the best ways to sum it up for me.  It is full of MIT people, half of which are on their laptops and none of whom know how to talk to me, a girl.  There is also NOTHING happening there.  You just sit (if you can find a seat) and drink cheap $2 beer.  I could drink cheap $2 beer in my own apartment and be more entertained. No music, or sports (except the TV), or any theme nights. Just you, a computer, and a cheap beer.

    However, I do see the draw for the nerdy crowd who want to congregate with their own species, and this would be the perfect place to do it.

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    Decent beer selection for suuuuper cheap! Pitchers galore. Board games! Free tea, hot chocolate, spring water for the non-drinkers. Every once in a while the bar will randomly order food and let its patrons have at it for free. Sensing a trend here? Cheap and/or free!

    You can also order food and have it delivered to the pub. Make sure you have someone in your party with an MIT ID, or they may not let you in depending on the bouncer.

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