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    oh, so I went to there last night and because it seemed like to be the only place in town allowed 18+ people in. And of course it's not that good. I am not a fan of the music and people around us were just kinda weird. Oh, there's no cute girls and no way to get laid. lol

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    I saw a show here last night and it was my first time staying for more than an hour at TTs. The lineup was amazing, and the venue is great as a small and intimate setting for live music.

    However, there was some electronica/dance music happening at the Middle East at the same time and the loud, heavy bass was impossible to ignore. It should've been very embarrassing for TTs, as all the artists onstage were performing soft, acoustic sets and they had to joke about/address how ridiculous it was to try to perform while the bass from the next room was shaking the floor.

    Also, my bartender sucked and it was very painful to tip her. I work in customer service so I usually have sympathy, but she was asking for too much.  

    I'll only come again if there's an artist I like performing, and even then I'll check the calendar for the Middle East first.

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    so look, i'm not always super into TTs.  i think heroes is kind of creepy with meth spice and pop-and-lock cutting it up in the dark, and i don't like going to see shows and feeling the middle east downstairs vibrations seep through the floor.  

    i *will* say, tho, that TTs houses some pretty sick events.  i mean, the rock 'n roll rumble?!  that jam is awesome!  one of the most community-fostering series of shows in the boston area.  and the fact that they donated the space following the april 15th explosions for a flash benefit concert - well, that's just all kinds of awesome.

    result?  TTs is solid, yo.

    quicktip: the ladies room finally got a lock put on it, i'm told.  so there's that, anyhow.

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