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    I have gone to the Comedy Studio for years and miss being close by! I love how there is a variety of different comedy styles, and the show is a good two hours long. For $10-$12, it is a great deal for a night out. The food options aren't the greatest, but it's a comedy show first and foremost. I suggest making reservations online. Yes, you'll pay a convenience fee BUT you can arrive closer to 8 and have a guaranteed, reserved seat. The studio usually books up when school's in session, so if you know you'll be in town, reserve well in advance.

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    Great evening. Intimate setting. Causal. Host is equally has entertaining as the comedians. there was a nice variety of comedians the night I went, some were better than others, but the variety left something for everyone's sense of humor I think. Inexpensive tickets & inexpensive drinks. And if you feel like hanging around, you can go downstairs to Hong Kong & have drinks with the comedians afterwords. The establishment isn't the fanciest of places, so don't expect white table cloths or fancy things such as that. It's pretty much a hidden Boston gem.

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    Drinks are reasonable, price is ridiculously reasonable for 2 hours of stand-up and if you get hungry, there's a Chinese restaurant downstairs. How can you lose?

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