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    I hate being that Yelper that gives a bad review because of the customer service, but *sigh* here goes.

    I went here because I wanted to treat my friend out for her birthday and also because I purchased a Travelzoo deal for here. I read through the reviews of this place, and saw the not so stellar reviews along with the positive reviews, so I thought, hey why not. And when I looked at the cocktail menu online I thought that it had a wide selection of cocktails, so it would be a nice place to get drinks. Furthermore, for a summer night, I thought it would be cool to eat outside in the patio (which wasn't open for dining anyway since it was raining).

    Since I read reviews and expected the food wasn't going to blow me away, I gave the food a chance. I liked the polenta/poached egg appetizer (a bit overpriced, compared to Russell House Tavern's, but I guess the polenta adds $4 somehow). My salmon was pretty delicious, and I like the parsley sauce it was swimming in. The complimentary bread was also pretty delicious, but too perfectly shaped for me to believe they baked it themselves. For drinks, I ordered the Sugar Plum Fairy, which tasted too strong of vodka - I don't know, I guess I felt the flavors didn't mix well and all I could taste was vodka. All in all, I was going to give this place 3 stars.

    Why the two stars?

    Let me preface this by saying, I understand that waiters/waitresses rely on their tips. I am also very well aware that if I buy a deal through an external website, I am supposed to tip on the amount before the deal is applied. Well, I thought I had done that. I looked at the subtotal of my bill, and calculated the amount of tip from there.

    What I didn't enjoy was my waitress coming back to our table after I had signed the check, interrupting me and my friend only to loudly 'whisper', "Just so you know for next time, when you purchase a deal from Travelzoo or any other site like that, you're supposed to tip on the subtotal before the deal is applied." My friend and I were very perplexed -- I'd sworn I had done exactly that. In retrospect, I realized that the subtotal I looked at was just for the food, and didn't realize that the drink total was separated from the food total. So yes, it was my fault, but after having a STRONG cocktail, did she really expect me to think correctly?

    Honestly, I think that's pretty bad service etiquette, and I don't think there will be a next time.

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    This place was fantastic! The server was very prompt and warned us that a couple of the entrees were on the verge of being sold out for the evening. I wanted the steak frittes which were one of the limited meals. My server asked for a backup choice and then actually jogged over to the computer to put it in for me. I did end up with the steak which was phenomenal! It was honestly the best steak I have had in a long time. I ordered it with truffle fries and they were equally fantastic. My date and I shared a crab cake which was LOADED with crab. He ordered the potato gnocchi and that was also yummy. To finish we had the chocolate espresso cake. I would definitely get it again, so good! The wine/beer were $5 and up, great deal.

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    I have had the pleasure to dine here a handful of times and every single time, I come away having experienced a food coma causing experience, further deepened by the top notch personable staff I or we are provided. Adelle, my waitress several times now---your consistency, table after table as we view...is pure down to earth people-skill magic. Can't imagine NuBar without you.

    What you won't get [other Cambridge and Boston restaurants take note...]...is any frozen re-heated food here. Everything ordered, is made fresh.

    Whether its a partaking of an entree of tender duck, seared scallops, lamb appetizer or extra whipped creamy cannoli, NuBar's special long-time chef shows the pride to plate every element with artistically beautiful presentation. Every part of the dining experience, was rolled out as quick as can be.

    With mouth watering luxurious sauces that leave you happily sedated, to the fresh to die for vegetables that are never just filling in [as sadly oh so many a restaurant world-wide have done...]...no drop in diner or hotel staying client, should feel any less pampered than we have been.

    The chef even came out to greet me, so I could personally thank him. That's 5-Star.

    Whether bringing family, colleagues, a first date, family, classmates, or, a group you just want to relax in the cozy fireplace warmed California lodge-like ambiance, NuBar is a must dine at place. Come..be seduced!

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