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  • Takes Reservation
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  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    This is one of those places we used to walk by and wonder why we didn't go more often. West Side is dark and sexy, the perfect place to take a first date. It's always got people, but never bursting at the seams. It's easy to have a pleasant conversation.

    It's open fairly late (12 or 1am depending on the day of the week), they serve brunch until 3pm on Sundays, they make some tasty cocktails and frequently play some rockin' 80s music.

    On the menu, the truffle fries contain the ingredient "yum." I agree. It's pretty darn tasty and worth the fry overload.

    Other standouts include the whipped goat cheese mashed potatoes that comes with the pan-seared chicken... and the super delectable garlic aioli that comes with the steak frites. So, the chicken and steak are good, too... but its the details that makes it extra tasty.

    And they have a Corpse Reviver on their brunch drink list. It's worth it right there.

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    I ventured here w a lady friend interested in trying it out.
    It was a Friday night around 9 and we just walked on in, which was nice. Cool atmosphere - dark and sorta chic. Cool music. Service was decent and the ppl were cool enough
    -Knockout beer punch: lots flavors/juices - very excited but pretty bland
    -Beetle juice: tasted like beets. I ate the ice beet ice cube later. It tasted like cold beet. Go figure
    -blood orange margarita: tasty, sweet (but not crazy sweet) and not bitter
    -complementary bread: light w olive oil and garlic, which was nice
    -fried plantains/guac: large thick fried plantain chips and a decent amount of decent guac - mild and coulda used more flavor, but enjoyable
    -grilled asparagus & Serrano ham: came in a little bowl (read not big) but really good
    -fish tacos: my lady friend said they were fine. Not super flavorful but not bad
    -steak frites: suggested by Yelp. The steak was cut in slices and well salted/flavored. The fries were thin, crispy, and plentiful - the way I like em. I quite enjoyed the steak, but I think I shoulda tried the scallops or tuna - both suggested by several staff, as steak isn't so hard to do well and those others would be more interesting.
    -flourless chocolate cake: it was thick, rich, not that sweet, and with ice cream. I like sweet, so it wasnt perfect, but it was good

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    We drew West Side Lounge as the restaurant donor for Community Servings' LifeSavor event.  Our party of six enjoyed an amazing seven course "tasting menu" with exceptional wine pairings.  The portion sizes were most generous, and the service was outstanding.  
    We will definitely return.

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