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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    A disappointing visit to say the least.

    First off, service is great.  Our waitress handled our table of 14 with grand efficiency, with a side of kindness!  Food didn't take long at all to come out.  Great viewing of numerous TV's, although all the big games were over by the time we got there.

    The food on the other hand was a mixed bag.  About 1/2 our group enjoyed their food.  The other half Meh.

    I ordered with Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes and green beans.  The green beans were OK, but I've had better.  Mashed were Meh.  Not bad, not great.  The meatloaf, however, was the worst I've EVER had.  I don't think it was necessarily the meatloaf itself, but the sauce they put on it.  It had a weird, unpleasant taste.  I barely managed to eat 1/2 of it, which is really unusual.  I was very hungry, and I love meatloaf.

    My wife had the Thai Noodles, left more than half on the plate.  Main problem there was lack of flavor, a common complaint among at least 5 of our group of 14.  

    I think from now on I'll stick to a burger or the Mac & Cheese, which was pretty decent on the visit prior to this one.  If they would put more of an emphasis on serving GREAT food as opposed to all-too-often MEH, I think they would do better.

    By the way, their drinks are for the most part really good, and the prices aren't too bad.

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    This place is now on my poo poo list. Totally rude staff. They were designated the Michigan bar for a big game, so we went because we had Michigan friends in town. The hostess asked us if we'd be willing to sit at different tables. We asked if they were near each other and she said they weren't in the same section. We said we preferred to stay together. She proceeded to sit the next group at two side by side tables that they pushed together. When I asked why we didn't get those seats she said we didn't want them because they were in different sections. What? Totally bizarre. She proceeded to give me dirty looks the whole night. Plus, the food is still overpriced.

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    Food was good, service was extremely pleasant and took good care of us.  I enjoyed the seating... we sat inside but at the high-top tables in the open windows...

    Selection is quite good, lots of options, food was yummy.  Thought the wings were very meaty and had the sesame ginger ones which came with a great wasabi aioli... yum!  

    The chili wasn't anything special but was meaty and good with a good bite without being too much of a bite.

    French dip sandwich and sweet potato fries were tasty.

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