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    Highland Kitchen...

    My first visit here was during the summer of 2012. My girlfriend and I were house shopping. We had a week to find a place to live before picking up and moving to Boston from Texas.

    After ending the day of house showings, I yelped some something to eat in the area...

    Sitting in the bar, with the windows open, eating the goat stew, sitting next to my girl friend, I realized that Boston was going to work out and that life was good.

    Highland Kitchen could best be described as warm; You're surrounded by floors of dark, worn wood, brick walls and a jukebox. It's comfortable, like a favorite pillow.

    The service is top notch. They're quick to get some fresh sour dough bread and butter in front of you as soon as you sit down.

    I tend to switch up what I get here, because it's all on deck. They also rock a couple of specials ever day, so even though I go here too much, it stays fresh. The menu also changes with the seasons.

    The bar staff is always quick with a smile and generous with their pours. They've a nice selection of of scotches, tequilas and mezcals if you're into that kind of thing. Good wine selection, and they focus on having interesting and affordable bottles.

    What I'd suggest:
    Deviled Eggs. (yessssss)
    Shrimp and Grits
    goat stew (assuming you're ok with goat, and spicy food)

    For Brunch:
    I'd stick with the dirty bird, shrimp and grits or the BLT.
    I would say avoid the huevos rancheros, but maybe I'm just biased having lived in San Antonio.

    Probably the only down side of HK is frankly, it's success. It can get crowded, but you should take that as a sign of quality. Davis Sqr. isn't that far away, but people come here for a reason.

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    One of my favorite restaurants here (and one of the only Boston restaurants I can honestly call objectively good).  I don't think I've ever had anything here that wasn't tasty, and by this point (I live practically around the corner) I've tried virtually everything on the menu.  Great New American food, with some interesting twists, and nice staff, vibe, decor, etc.  Only downside is that it gets exceptionally busy on weekend nights, but this can be mitigated if you go a bit earlier.

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    Highland Kitchen has the best fried chicken I've had outside the former Confederate states; it's only available on Monday and that's all I've ever had so I can't say anything else about the rest of the menu. Service is decent but it can easily get crowded and when it does the noise level is pretty bad.

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