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    I really really liked this place! Part of it is the ambiance and the fact that I never knew it was there, like at all. there is no sign but you feel like you are walking into a scene from a movie in some ways. not in the super glamorous sense but the atmosphere is like a real pub should be with the splash or dark wood and leather. Really a  great spot to have a drink and dinner. Very classy. The pimms is a must have here - its as if a fair kissed your tongue. Delicious.

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    Holy crap. SO good.

    I had a Pimm's and the short ribs. Died and went to heaven. The BF had really good local beers and the pork tenderloin - honestly the best pork I've ever had.

    Really cool atmosphere, amazingly nice staff. One star off for the crazy prices, but it's great for a special date.

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    We had an excellent meal here. I had been twice before and it was good and fun but it turns out they are getting even better. The cocktails (and I love a good cocktail) are fun and adventurous and we tried a couple - delicious.  The food is even more solid.  To start we had a rillette of duck - it had a layer of cherry (not quite preserves but you get the idea) on the bottom - served with some crispy toasted country bread. Really fantastic.  The salad and fish were perfected cooked and have just enough touch of "different" to make you remember them.  Service - it was a quiet night but our waitress was just present enough to take care of us but allow us to have a very fun personal conversation.

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