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    What a way to spend $10. It was entertaining, funny, and featured of Lemmy Klimster zombie...what more can one ask for?

    An existential tour de force zombie movie featuring a naked Rupert Everett (pre scary plastic surgery), that's what.

    I am sold and will be at the next one of these in October. If you are old enough, pregame. It will make the experience in the line even better.

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    What a brilliant marriage of sex and death! J. Cannibal is a true showman and eloquently emcees the evening which consists of a mind-blowingly good band (Walter Sickert and the Army of Toys, Vagiant) playing you to your seat, a horror burlesque act or tow and a zombie costume contest.  The films are always zombie classics that you can never get enough of (Evil Dead, Wild Zero, Cemetery Man, Dead Alive) as they were meant to be seen- on the big screen with an enthusiastic and likely drunk audience. Kudos to Boston's King of Horror for putting on such a highly anticipated event!

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    If you like horror movies, zombies and metal/rockabilly bands, Feast of Flesh is the event for you. It's "Rocky Horror Picture Show" meets "Cry Baby" and "Popcorn".  

    There's even costume contests (usually zombie-related) with prizes for lots of area shops like Horror Business, Dick Blick Art Supplies, Anna's Taquiera, stuff like that.  They'll have some local bands play, show a horror movie, have some of the hotties from Black Cat Burlesque perform....it's quite the night and worth every penny.  :)

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