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    I placed an order and was quoted a wait time of "an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes." It has now been well over two hours. No pizza. I called the store - nothing but "I'm sorry."

    There are TONS of good pizza places in Boston. I recommend you order from somewhere that actually delivers their pizza.

    Before ordering, ask yourself: can you risk a TWO HOUR wait time for pizza?

    Update: after a nearly two and a half hour wait, a cold pizza was delivered. After negotiating with the manager, he reluctantly refunded our money. Really sad service.

    Update #2: an OTTO employee contacted me to apologize, offer a gift certificate, and explained how seriously they took this problem. They have apparently implemented new procedures so people get their pizza in a reasonable time frame. I'll update again after trying another order.

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    I think Boston needs more quality pizza and Otto is part of the solution, not the problem.

    We had the bacon, mash potatoes and chives pizza and it was amazing. Service was great too.

    So far the best pizza in Boston, but I have yet to try Penguin or Zaza's.

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    I've been wanting to try Otto since it opened in Coolidge Corner and Rachel C raved about it.

    My friends and I ordered delivery on Friday, but I guess only the BU (Comm Ave) location delivers. So I still haven't tried the Coolidge Corner location!

    I spoke to someone on the phone who gave me advice on which pizzas to get and how many salads. He was very friendly and very helpful!

    We ended up getting 2 large pizzas (Sausage and Vidalia Onion and a Butternut Squash, Ricotta and Cranberry) and 2 salads (House with Red Wine Vinaigrette and the Crunchy Green, with Green Apple, Cabbage and Green Goddess Dressing).

    I tried the House salad, which was decent, but didn't get to try the Crunchy Green. My friend told me it was "AWESOME!" The salads are small - they are definitely "personal" sized, although 2 of us split 1, because I didn't have a ton of salad.

    As for the pizzas - they are AMAZING. The Butternut Squash was definitely the group favorite. I had 2 pieces and could have eaten the entire thing. It wasn't too heavy, but was super flavorful.

    The Sausage & Vidalia Onion was messier and greasier, but was very good as well. I had 2 pieces the next day for lunch and it was good, but just not AS flavorful as the Butternut Squash. I would try it again, but would maybe get another meat one over this one. But I would DEF get the Butternut Squash again.

    Btw - these pieces are HUGE. I had 2 Friday night and then a 3rd later in the evening and was SO.FULL.

    For 2 large pizzas and 2 salads, it came out to $62 with tip (free delivery though!). That's pricey, but not when you break it down by person and consider 3 of us went home with leftovers. Also, $21 for a large, fantastic pizza? Not too shabby!

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