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    Located across the street from the Westin Copley, this was a fun place to hang out.  My wife enjoyed the Lychee Martini.  Beer selection was okay.  Wished they had draft beers but most upscale bars don't offer that.   Good music and vibe.

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    I like  this  place .. Chilling with friends it's was awesome ...

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    The only cocktails I have tried are the Lychee Martini and some orange-flavored cocktail I ordered awhile back. Most of the time, I am pretty satisfied with a gin and tonic, and upon request, they can make a mean cherry vanilla splash (not on the drink menu)...yum!

    A typical sleek bar you would expect to find not too far from Newbury Street with an interesting Euro modern flare. Serves as a great spot if you like to drink among a young, laid-back crowd. They are not joking when they call this MINIbar...you may have to wait outside for awhile or stand, especially on the busiest nights (Fri, Sat).

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