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    How have I not gone here until now?! Lately, I've been in a bit of a restaurant rut and trying to shake out of it. So, I stumbled upon this little gem. It's a bit out of the way, but the prices are unheard of and the food is simple and flavorful. Don't expect to get in and out of here in a hurry. The chef/owner/waitress/busser is juggling many jobs, and that makes service a bit slow at times. The national dish is a treat; the yucca fries are a disappointment; the juices are brilliant!

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    Overall, I'd rate this place a 4.5, but since we have to go by whole stars, I'll bump it up to a five.

    The appetizers (Nem and Croquettes) were delicious. The appetizer size is not that large, and I give the waitress kudos for letting us know. But here's a suggestion: instead of wolfing down the appetizers, take the time to cut them up into small bits and let them linger on your mouth for a bit. The flavors are excellent.

    I ordered the Mafe and it was delicious. Could it have used a bit more meat? Yes. Could the rice have been a little less dry? Yes. But overall, this dish is well worth ordering.

    I was a bit hesitant about going to this place because of some comments about very slow service. I didn't see it. The waitress did a fine job. I should say that there were only 4 other tables with customers, so I'm not sure what happens when the place is full. But as far as my experience, there were no problems.

    My friend ordered the Michoui (lamb shanks) and he said it was fantastic. It looked fantastic.

    I've never had Senegalese food before, but I'll definitely be sure to return there and try the other dishes.

    Also, the decor of the place and its convenient location are bonus points.

    The only two negatives wer the Latin American music and the volume. Maybe it's my limited understanding of Senegalese culture, but half the time, I felt like I was in a Mexican restaurant. I have excellent hearing and the music was so loud that the only way we could understand one another was to speak much louder than normal. I'm also a big believer that sounds, like smell, affect the taste of the food. So, turn the volume down a bit, keep the music authentic, and Teranga is a clear winner.

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    Teranga is a gorgeous, inviting and warm South End spot. I loved the decor, the drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic; everything was delicious in a riot of unexpected flavor combinations), and the music. Our waitress, though, seemed to be alternately helpful and hurried, and we had a bit of a hard time deciphering what was what due to a great similarity between several of the appetizers. My parents are from Ghana, so West African cuisine is not foreign to me. But as there were three pan-fried cakes and pastries that all looked alike when they were delivered (two that contained fish and one that did not - a problem for our diner allergic to seafood, who avoided all three), there was more than a little perplexed comparison and passing around for taste tests. Though confusing at times, the atmosphere and aesthetic of Teranga - not to mention the entrees, which were challenging but occasionally superb - made it an easy and engaging place to while away an evening with friends.

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