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    The Guinness beef stew has nothing to do with the real thing you get in Ireland. This one was a soup-like dish, with too much liquid in it, the taste was somewhat sour, and not good by any means. It also seems a bit overpriced to me since it is offered for 15.95 $. The selection of draft beef is fair enough, but with few choices of Irish beers, which I would expect instead in a self-proclaiming "Irish" place.

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    After her cow inadvertently started the Great Chicago fire of 1869 Mrs. O'Leary slaughtered the offending animal and left her adopted home to return to Boston, MA where she opened a Pub and Restaurant.  She spent the rest of her days contentedly serving pints of Guiness and plates of chicken tenders to her customers.  

    O'Leary's Irish Pub and Restaurant is not the same one that infamous Mrs. O'Leary opened, but it has her spirit of friendly service and quality food, where you can always find a good pint, and there are no cows of any kind kept anywhere in the area, for safety reasons.

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    Hands down the best Irish food in Boston. The menu is diverse and well executed. The long term staff is super friendly. And the beer selection is excellent -- got to love a place that has 0.5L Paulaner!

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