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    When my friend suggested that we try this place out on a Tuesday, I was not expecting to stay out all night, but this place made me feel like I was having a fun Friday night!

    My last memories of this place were: a tattoo and cotton candy with pop rocks on top. Could you ask for much more?

    The little bit of shaved ice + tequila that kicked off our meal made my friend and I look at each other and say "where are we???" The Sangria and Margaritas were amazing in themselves, but  the trio of salsas and huge basket of chips that came with kept my friend and I distracted for long enough to ask for a second round of drinks. I ordered the trio of guacamole as well, and the combo of bacon and lobster on my guac was just YUM!

    It is a bit dark, and you kind of feel like you're in an underground vampire hangout,  but this place of full of fun delights and surprises.

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    Lolita's offers a provocative, enigmatic ambiance lit by the flickering candles and gothic aesthetics that lend to the overall design of this well-conceptualized lounge. The styling almost alludes to a Pedro Almodovar film set, percolated with the decor of the Dia de Los Muertos holiday.

    Located right off the Copley Station on the green line, Lolita's is conveniently situated in between Newbury and Boylston in Back Bay. I highly suggest making reservations because if not, the wait can exceed more than an hour at times. Plus, there usually is a table if one calls ahead of time, even earlier in the day. They do provide lounge and bar seating but that is first come first serve and those spaces usually become occupied by 7 or or 8.

    My friends and I always try taking advantage of their all-you-can-eat beef/chicken hard-shell tacos for $7 on Mondays. Considering its prime location and stylized scene, this is pretty much a great deal. I mean, given its astoundingly low pricing for this offer, the meat is what you would expect; the ground beef can be borderline greasy as if rendered in its own fat while one might really have to gnaw on the chicken since its so dry. Thankfully, it is complemented with an array of salsas and condiments (sour cream, lettuce, cheese) which balances the flavors suitably. Plus, they usually provide chips to go along with the salsa which alone, could be considered enough of a meal.

    The servers also usually starts the table off with a palate cleanser, consisting of a grapefruit mint concoction that surfaces above dry ice. If 21+, they even offer a splash of tequila which livens up the mood. Likewise, a behemoth cloud of cotton candy embellished with pop rocks is served alongside the bill.

    As far as drinks go, I have had their blackberry sangria and the Diablo margarita, both which were refreshing and highly developed in their flavors. However, they're a tad pricy, especially given that the glasses only fill up to at most, 12 oz and is consumed to the brim with ice.

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    If you're looking decompress in a fun, professional atmosphere then you've found the right place.  The staff are always friendly, which is great, but the real reason to go is for the killer margaritas.  The Diablo.  That's all I'm gonna say.

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