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    bartender was rude to us, very few people there on a friday night, drinks are overpriced

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    Moscow Mules.






    I had five.


    Worth the price!  Bartender was nice (well as nice you can be in a Kommie Kambridge Bah).

    You see what I did there?

    Yeah, you, you did.

    Big brother is watching you.

    *bathroom was cleaner than I would guess.  Drinks were much better than I would guess.


    In Kommunist Russia, Moscow Mule drink you.

    Good thing we are in Cambridge!

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    Some bars I always have a good experience in.  Some bars I never do.  I'm happy to say that People's Republik falls into the former.  They've got a good beer selection (hurray for Dead Guy!), multiple dart boards, and tons and tons of space.  PR delivers a reliable bar experience and is one of my first thoughts whenever I'm organizing a get-together with friends.

    The people here tend to be interesting -- it's a balance of hipsters, entrepreneurs, grad students, yuppies, and locals.  At least half the bar will probably be wearing flannel.  Everyone seems to be pretty friendly.

    One thing that this bar does really well is atmosphere/crowd management.  Even when there are 200 people inside, it still feels easy to find a quieter corner to take over a table.  On slower nights, it never feels dead.  The space just works.  

    Overall, great place, and one of my go-to's in Cambridge.

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