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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Great beer bar! It is cash-only, but an ATM is available in the ebtryway. Great selection of draft and bottle beer and local, regional and national brews. Many reviewers call this a "dive" bar. I wouldn't. Simple, yes. Not divey.

    Drink up, this place is great!

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    I made it a point to treck out here before the ballgame at Fenway and I'm glad I did.  While we had to get off of the T at Kenmore and get back on it going the other way (it was waaaay too packed to make it from the left side to the right side), it was worthwhile.

    They boast a pretty nice beer list with a bunch of "humor" interspersed on the menu.  The food menu looked pretty appealing overall and we shared a bowl of broccoli cheese soup.  It was super fresh with still crunchy bits of broccoli.  They also had a tempting looking "meat"ball sandwich using eggplant balls versus actual meat.

    They play some pretty good but obscure music.  It very much reminded me of a college bar in Seattle that might be next to a store that still sells CDs and records.

    The menu handily denotes which drafts are local and which are regional.  They also have nice non-Northeast options (Lagunitas, Anderson Valley, and a shout-out to CO proud Left Hand).  I had a great Clementine Witbier from Clown Shoes, Mayflower Summer Rye on cask, and (my favorite of the three) Sgt. Pepper by CBC which was a peppercorn saison.

    Outside, there were plenty of pedicabs standing by to take people to the ballgame.  Not wanting to get back on the train after being smushed like a sardine for nearly an hour, this was a really handy option.

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    This place is fucking awesome!
    They cuss all over the menu it's awesome.
    Serious selection of beers. The Good Juju beer was so delicious, it has a taste of ginger that hits the spot.
    They have an appetizer called The White Trash Cheese dip that is totally delicious but it's like $9, which kind of surprised me.
    Really awesome atmosphere. The bartenders are so dope.
    Love this place. If I'm ever in Boston again ill be going here.

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