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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Best. Guinness. In. Boston. Period.

    This is the quintessential Boston Irish Pub. Great Beer, with amazing draft pours, live Irish jam sessions make it feel like a party you were intimately invited to, and traditional and delicious irish fair (the beef stew/shepherd pie/fish and chips-all amazing).

    A bartender at another famous Boston bar (I won't divulge where) actually recommended this bar to my husband and I as the best in Boston...so yeah...if other bartenders say it is the best that means it IS the best.

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    Lovely. Liked it so much the first time, we went back two nights later.  Good food, cozy, friendly.

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    This was our first stop on our first night in Boston.  What a great pub, exactly what I expected for an old Irish Pub.  Was pleasantly surprised with the meal, I think it was a few steps up from typical pub food.  We had the lobster mac & cheese that was so tasty & the fish & chips was the best I've ever had, huge portion & not greasy.  We a few drinks with our meal while enjoying some live Irish music.  The wait staff was great & I can't wait to return the next time I find myself in Boston!

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