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    The venue is a performance space in the rear of the church.  That gives events feel of a school assembly, with the cognitive dissonance from having a rock or hardcore band playing it.  No alcohol served, this is a church and they host all ages shows.  If you love the band you are going to go see, you will be happy because you will probably be able to walk right up to the stage and feel their feet pounding on the floor.  That's the main point of this space, but there is really nothing there for production in terms of lights or sound, though I suppose some bands might bring in some of their own stuff.  I saw Caspian there, they only have instrumental songs and no vocals, there is a small PA there but nothing was miked, so its really like hearing what they sound like in their rehearsal space.  Since Caspian is a great band, this was fine.  The 57 bus lets you off at Gordon St. on Cambridge St., and you're right there and then back home after an early show.

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    While I have never set foot in the ICC, I am writing this review on behalf of my teenage daughter, who's seen a couple of shows here.

    She loves: the fact that lesser-known, indie bands generally play here, and on both occasions that she's been, SHE'S TALKED TO THE BAND. *I used the same emphasis she did when telling me.* Because they're lesser-known bands, she's had mad photo-ops with them, and they've autographed her and her friend's shirts, too! *Rockin'.* She has also mentioned that the people at the door are always really nice, and that even though the church is small, the sound is great! The only negative, and reason for the 4 stars instead of 5, is that the bathrooms are "nasty, gross, smelly, disgusting, and have cobwebs." *Ewwww.*

    I love: that I can have the misguided illusion of it being a safer place for her to see her "favorite" band since it's a more intimate venue. *Dude, it's a church.* I also love that it's fairly easy to get to *especially when Dan's driving*, and that it's way cheaper than if we took her to a more mainstream show at a larger venue. *It was actually less than 35 bucks for the 2 girls' tickets and t-shirts for both of them. Again, rockin'.*

    I don't love: that it's a smaller venue where lesser-known, indie groups play that pose with her for pictures and sign her shirt. Guys in bands are bad. ;0)

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    Love the acts that the ICC brings in (plus have to give the church kudos for hosting a beautiful memorial for Mr. Butch).  
    If you're going to see a show, bring earplugs--everything is always just a bit "too loud" b/c the space is so small--you'll actually be able to better "hear" your favorite acts with the little buffer that plugs provide.

    PS--don't buy tix through Mas Live events--get them at the door instead.

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