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    Snacks and drinks after work for a going away party I rolled into the Boyne.  I can't stop bouncing up and down when someone says "The Boyne".

    The place is a local bar and pub but had a very nice feel to it.  So for those looking to be bar fly at a hole in the wall it may not fit the $1 PBR draft you're looking for.

    Kali was a great, I mean great waitress and hostess with the most-est.  She was pleasant, fast, right on top of it.  My super star coworker and close friend ordered a dirty martini and Kali made sure they were perfect all night.  A bit more olive juice, check.  The right mix, check.  My dark and stormy with Ginger beer was a good 2nd choice since they didn't know the Gin Gin Mule (BTW GGM so yummy).

    The food also hit the spot.  One round of chili nachos and wings went fast among the group that we had to order another nacho plate.  The two dishes were slightly different but again the plate was wiped clean.

    Parking is hit and miss on the street but not as big of a deal as down town Boston.

    Thank you The Boyne (jumping up and down making sounds) for a nice night.  Here is toasting to Nate, someone I hope to keep in touch with over the years to come!!!

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    The Boyne is the perfect spot for a beer and a great meal. The chili is amazing!
    Great atmosphere..great staff.

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    This is a bar that feels like a local bar, though it is isolated enough to be local to very few people.  Very much more a pub rather than a bar to meet the person of your dreams/night.  Still, if you are passing by, it is worth stopping in, instead.

    Good selection of beer, very unpretentious, decent food (not a patch on The Druid) and a warm atmosphere.

    My experience of the service was that it was fine, but then I was happy enough to walk two steps to the bar to order rather than wait.

    Doug S. sums it up well.

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