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    This five star rating is for "Woohoo! As good as it gets!" for a dive bar. If you don't like grimy, cash only, local, kinda sketch joints, you can take this rating as a two star.  

    Like I said, its cash only.  You are there to drink, not enjoy the scenery, not to enjoy Waltham's best that Moody street purports to offer.  That being said -- I LOVE the owners, they are friendly and accommodating. Drinks are cheap, they have a juke box & they have a dart board.  Usually we decide to head over there on a random weekend night when we want cheap, easy fun.  There are some locals that hang, but really we are the ONLY people in the back room with the dart board and have free reign of the juke.  So, depending on your spin that's awesome or totally not your scene.  

    If you're like me & appreciate a TRUE dive, not some place in Cambridge that is a "dive" aka they have red light bulbs and serve bud light with leather cushioned barstools, then go check it out.  You'll be supporting some good people.

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