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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Was here for brunch just this Sunday with a friend.  We split a full sized plate of buffalo wings ($8), I ordered the Eggs Benedict ($7.50), and he ordered the breakfast burrito ($5.50) with bacon ($2).  

    The wings were very very dry so I would not recommend them.  The Hollandaise sauce on my Eggs Benedict broke so there was a small puddle of butter.  But that made no difference because the EB were still delicious and really you can't go wrong with butter.  The Eggs Benedict comes with a side of potatoes and a cup of fruit!  Delicious, great portion size, and good service.

    We just sat and ate in the outdoor seating area and just enjoyed ourselves - in the sweet sweet Boston humidity.

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    One of my favorite, unassuming places to go to. I always recommend this place for a low key hangout where you'll get good food and drinks. While so many places in Harvard sq try their absolute hardest to be incredibly pretentious with an expensive albeit mediocre food and drink selection, this place is just a breathe of fresh air despite being in a basement. With eclectic choices of beers and drinks and a great menu for even vegetarians, what more can you ask for. They even do a solid brunch!

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    What to expect: Standard bar food quality. Portions are not skimpy, but also not especially generous. Read on to decide if the Half-Off menu is worth it:

    Half off appetizers everyday from 5:30-7:30pm BUT only with the purchase of a beverage that's min. $3. The cheapest alcoholic drink is their bottle of Honey Brown for $3.50, other than that, the prices jump to $5.

    If you're ordering an entree for yourself, you'll probably save $1-2. Example: I ordered a $8.50 Natural Disaster burger plus a Cisco Grey Lady for $5.50 and paid $12 with gratuity.

    This might be a worthwhile deal if you're sharing as a group.

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