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    I want to give a shout out to the Ark, and Andrew Shea for offering up  his loft space for a truly dazzling dance party!!!

    Since Pan 9 burned down we've been looking for some other alternative freak out venue. Cake, beats, Grolsh, Spaacce, Light show, Film show, Deck chilling, Wind Machine, and lots of peeps!!
    and vibe here is friendly and fun-loving-- the promoters want you to be part of the show.  Noone's ARK:  "Bring two of every kind"

    Went to the Crystal Understanding CD release party. Pop electro, haunting beautiful melodies to dark "fake rave nostalgia" Saw ZWA, Zombies with Attitude, Big Digits on ______.  Fun, back-from-the-dead hip-hop! DJ Mark E. Moon (of Plunge into Death) Moon promised to "release all booties present from any and all dancing inhibitions" and he delivered till the early hours of the morn!

    I danced my ass off and just enjoyed being up front with this music and madness. Met some cool people and all of my friends got down. ;)
    The party was sponsored by Grolsh, the Amsterdam Rolling Rock (Has Grolsh signed some deal with Boston recently, as Grolsh also recently  sponsored First Fridays in the South End?? ) I partied so hard I chipped my tooth on this thickly glassed salad dressing like hinged bottle..  So I would have stayed longer to bullshit with the crowd but my friends were being lured by the taxi and I was counting my lucky stars that I still had my teeth-

    So again, gotta love these events where the performers hang out  in between sets and help bring the dance party. Other Ark parties include a full live marching band that the entire party joined marching on the streets at 2 in the morning in the streets of Chinatown!!!!

    I'm going to enjoy the Chinatown loft space parties while they are still around....the space is being converted into condominiums in their near future!

    Go to the Chinatown gate that faces the highway, take a left at the garbage dumps, pass the canisters of clams and graffiti, down one block, knock at the door and say Fung Wah sent you-

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