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    Checked out the place for the first time last night.  Enjoyed the experience.  Its completely renovated and  I love the brick wall.  The owner/manager Leo was very nice and welcomed My friend and I in with a smile.  The waitress was friendly as well as the patrons.  The latin music was hot!  I absolutely love the palm tree and coconuts.  Such a nice touch.  The bathroom is nicely done.  Not feeling the one toilet though.  I cringe thinking about the line on a good night.  lol.

    I know where I am going to watch the superbowl if My other plans fall through.

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    Like I said its not all that it needs improvement burger sliders were cold & salty
    Wings were smutherd in barbecue that taste like
    Kraft sauce not finger licking. Then wings don't have
    enough meat big tease. The waitress was horrible
    waited to about 30m until  she came back to see if
    we needed anything. 15m is my max come back and
    give ur rounds missy. They did a wonderful job in
    Renovation of the place. One thing I Dnt agree is one
    Restroom it's pretty but u could fit one more toilet in there
    Wow! But with peoples opinion this place will get better
    On everything... :(

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    I loved the food and the atmosphere, make me think of being in Miami or LA. I enjoy the music while playing the videos on the TVs, I certainly have not seen anything like this in Boston, I been looking for a place where I can enjoy nice people, great drinks and have a great time.
    Good job by the owner to bring something different to town, I can't stop looking at the coconut trees and how clean and beautiful the place is.
    I am coming back this weekend as some of my friends are also talking about coming to check it out.

    Steve D.

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