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    I went here earlier this evening after a long, hot day of moving.  The waitress got my beer order right away and brought it within 3 minutes.  I asked her about the veggie burger and she told me people love it.  She did not steer me wrong.  It was amazing.  I really enjoyed being here.  Cold beer, good food, and great service.  I will definitely be back to watch a game and hang out.

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    It may be weird, but this is my post-yoga spot to hang out with my best friend and replace all that energy with some chicken wings and beers!
    It is a no-frills locals bar with a good range of beers on tap and all the pub fare you would expect, and they do it really well. The food is always fresh and good, and the bartenders are always nice and attentive.
    One night our bartender put a lime in a Raspberry Harpoon and it tasted just like a lime rickey - I'm hooked!

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    Extremely rude waitress. I've been to Costellos a few times and have finally learned my lesson after encountering rude employees here. C'mon guys -- you're not the only pub in JP. Not ok for the service industry.

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