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    Has a super blast at their Polynesian pounce. Amazing blue Hawaiians and Labretta Suede and her band were fun too
    Def be back.

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    I love everything about this place--too bad its so far from Cambridge.  If you have friends that play in a punk band you've probably been here before--though you might not remember it at all since the drinks are so cheap.  Putting your blackouts aside, lets you and I journey down the path of drunken recall and piece together why this place is so awesome.  First off, it's a dive.  One hundred percent dive bar through and through, which means cheap drinks and a come as you are clientele. You probably shouldn't have ordered that last shot, maybe you would have remembered being here (n.b. you still wouldn't have remembered). Second, there is more live music than there isn't here, so regardless of your cover (usually $5), you're going to get your moneys worth of aural satisfaction.  Pro Tip: If you come for the early shows on weekends you don't need to pay for that later shows, so if you have the constitution (which it would appear that you certainly don't, otherwise you'd remember being here) then you can have a music filled evening. Finally, and for me most importantly, the people watching here makes it worth it alone.  I'm not saying I'm judging anyone negatively, I just like watching the human experience and this place is rife with it.  Man brings baby to show with heavy duty earmuffs? I dig it and the kid loves it.  Massive amounts of men marching in a circle then going into a crazy free for all? I'm not going to join but these guys certainly seem to be enjoying themselves. Musician jumps into the audience lays down and starts screaming while pelvic thrusting into the air?  Sure...

    Oh, that reminds me, what don't I like about this place: stink bombs.  I'm not sure why someone would do this, or what possible benefit they might receive, but it seems like every time I go, someone throws a stink bomb and this place becomes unbearable for a good 10 minutes.  I should mention that I barely have a sense of smell so if its rough for me, I can only imagine what it is like for other people.

    Anyway, even with the occasional asshat who decides to try and ruin everyone's fun this place is awesome.  Maybe one day you'll actually remember going here.

    --Dan C (six drinks in and counting)
    P.S. Remember Dan, you've actually been here.

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    I've spent tons of time at the Midway, both as a performer and a patron. I get that it's not everybody's cup of tea but I've never had a bad time here. The staff have always been super friendly, the drinks are inexpensive, and while it gets crowded, the crowd itself is generally friendly. I appreciate that the Midway is prepared to offer a home to events and bands in Boston that other venues might balk at for not drawing a big enough crowd.

    It's a cool place to see visiting performers, fringe bands, or crazy queer performance art. I dig it and I'll keep coming back.

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