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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
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  • Smoking
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  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    We went here like most people, after the Sam Adams brewery tour. It's a nice little place that has this old bar look and feel.

    The service was great. We just went for drinks so cannot comment on the food. Don't forget to show your brewery tours stub to get your free "perfect pint" glass.

    They offer almost 70 kinds of Sam Adams brews on tap so you'll definitely find one you like.... or maybe two ;)

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    When my husband and I moved to Boston years ago, we decided to go on the Sam Adams tour which included a trolley ride to Doyle's after the tour.  I am so glad we decided to go.

    Doyle's immediately became a favorite for our family.  I am a vegetarian and struggle to find places like Doyle's that provide little more than side salads and French fries for me.  I discovered the meatless Reuben and loved it!  It quickly became my favorite meal in town, and I will drive all the way from the north shore to get it.  (My husband gets the regular Reuben and raves about it as well.)

    Doyle's also has an amazing selection of Sam Adams beer.  I highly recommend the Cherry Wheat beer (and 26.2 during the month of April).

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    Went to Doyle's Cafe after the Sam Adam's Brewery Tour - CLAM CHOWDER WAS AMAZING. Also the Fish & Chips was rather outstanding. The tartar sauce was interesting with relish.

    We just got a cup of the clam chowder, and literally talked about it for the rest of the weekend. Actually the best c-chowder I've ever had.

    Service was good and fast, friendly/helpful staff, we got our free sam adam's glass afterwards -- everything was pleasant. BUT REALLY YOU GUYS, THE CLAM CHOWDER

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