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  • Has TV
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    i live up the street and never have a horrible time there. Between Darts, Buck Hunter, Boobie game ( damn chuckles) and great prices you really cant go wrong.  pbr, bud light, and bud drafts are all 2.50.

    smells like moth balls, but that will go away after 1 drink. the bartenders can be rude at some point, just make sure you tip them well and they will be attentive.

    during the week you never know that will happen. during the weekend you know it will be a shit show. the party wont start until 12am, and if you are lucky they wont kick you out until 2:30.  Everyone is nice there and the customers range from 20 something hipster, 40+ dudes and their biddies, and the thugs that will only sit on the right side of the bar!

    a must, because its hilarious. meet me there!

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    They have Big Buck Hunt!  Go to the bar and shoot things!  :)  Decent drinks, staff is usually friendly, and a good mixed crowd.  Parking kinda sucks and no food, which keeps it from 5 perfect stars

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    Everybody in this bar reminds me of my dad except they don't try to talk to me about, like, the role of umbrellas in the battle of Guadalcanal or something. In fact, they don't try to talk to me at all, which is kind of fine by me even though I'm a bit of a social butterfly.

    Cheap enough beer. Some TVs I guess. Maybe a Buck Hunter but who knows.

    Intensely brightly lit. In case you really want to see... something.

    I would return with neither reservations nor enthusiasm.

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