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    I've "racked" my brain to list all of the negatives of Eugene's and can't seem to find any. They're cheap, chill, with a great beer selection, service, and appetizer list.

    My friends and I tried the tortilla chips with buffalo dip yesterday, and it was pretty much amazing. I mean, you can excuse my n00bishness for bar food, but I don't normally see this appetizer listed on many of the menus I've ordered from. Their Que Paso burger, I feel, is the best one on the list. And what's even better is the customization: feeling like losing weight and switching the meats you eat because you think they're correlated? Try the turkey burger version! want the delight of eating a burger without meat, and are determined to have the Red, White, Bleu version? Have a delicious veggie burger version! Are you American and like beef? No problem!

    Lunch time menu for a ginormous burger and fries is $8.99. And to think, people go to that disgusting Chinese low-grade food place right next to it. They are doin' it wrong.

    Also, I hear they have Trivia on Sunday nights? Pretty 'coo.

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    I was warned... But these eyes can't believe ALL this EXPOSED brick is off the chain.

    It's an instant hyper classic .

    This exposed brick might as well be solid gold.

    It's that good. Bra.

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    I hope the food gets better because I reallllyyyyy want to like this place. I almost ordered the steak tips but I noticed someone at the bar ordered them and it looked like they were sawing through wood. So, I ordered the turkey burger. It was great but the fries were really soggy and gross. I went with a group of people, everyone had gross sad limp fries. I didnt say anything  because I dont think the cook knows how to make fries. The beer menu is fab but they dont have much to offer in regards to traditional Irish alcohol. Our server was friendly and quick with our orders. I'll go back...but, with Dogwood around the corner, I hope they improve their food.

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