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    Really cheap drinks coupled with some of the worst service I have ever had at a bar! The night I went there was 1 guy and 2 women on staff. Both the ladies were extremely rude, and un-professional. The guy server was friendly and really attentive. He was the only reason this rating got a 2 instead of 1. Will never go back here again!

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    So after learning that there was new management at Ice House I decided to give it another try. This time when I walked in I was immediately greeted by a friendly bartender. We chatted a bit, he took my order, he excused himself when he needed to go see to a customer, he delivered my food and gave me great service. I am ready to give a 2nd chance a bring a large party there.

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    They have changed management....That's what they say! It is much better! Really a nice BAR feel and the service is good now. Food, well it is your typical bar food and it is not very good but for something quick and some cold beers it is worth stopping in!

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