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    Went here with a friend last week for drinks after work and really enjoyed it. The drinks were the highlight of the night. They were fresh and different! Loved ordering different cocktails. Although they are $9.50 a pop! They have a couple on special for $5. The music was a turned up way too loud near the end of the evening and there weren't any people in the bar except the two of us. Everyone else was on the patio. So it was hard to talk to each other. That was the only down side. Otherwise I will definitely be going here again! Cheers!

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    Four stars for the cocktails. I ordered what I believe is called a China lily and loved it. I sampled my friends and theirs were pretty good, too.

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    I went to the bar and the owner was there, was arrogant and rude, we  got into a dispute that was so silly. Then we observed the owner talking trash about the silent partner which seemed inappropriate and unprofessional....I could not get out of there fast  enough. The credit card machine wasn't  working so the owner comped us... we left as quickly as possible, would never go back  there again.

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