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    The chicken nachos here are excellent. Good sized movie theater makes it someplace different to go watch a film. I plan to come back soon to check out the nightlife.

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    Dinner, drinks, concerts, & movies- there is always something going on at the Blue Loon. Looks pretty rustic from the outside (I think it is an old airplane hanger)  but the inside is cool pub atmosphere. The halibut sandwiches are really good, as are the sweet potato fries.

    A one screen theatre plays a new movie every week, some mainstream and some independent. On some weeknights you can get a beer, dinner, and movie ticket for $12, can't beat that!

    They also have DJ nights with various genres of music, and also serve as a venue for national touring acts, but I have yet to check any of those out.

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    the food is decent, the staff is friendly.  the music venue was REALLY hot and stuffy inside, but that is my only complaint.  this is a really good place to catch a live concert for a national touring act - very unique!

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