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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    This was a great little restaurant, and if I lived closer I'd love to go more. It has a good vibe and I like the "help yourself" refrigerators. The food is delicious and if you're confused they will guide you through the menu.

    I feel bad though because I think the Groupon sales have caused them to exceed their capacity. Service was incredibly slow tonight. Maybe another waiter called in sick? I still enjoyed it though.

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    Read about this on Yelp and having visited South Africa and Zimbabwe a few months ago, decided to give it a try.  As others have noted, the Owner runs thru the entire menu with you.  He is a very animated and entertaining showman, and worth the price of dinner to be in his engaging presence.  We followed his recommendations and had Moi Moi appetizer (yummy), kelewele plate to share (also yummy, and exotically different), and samosa (good, but about like somosas we've had in middle eastern restaurants).  Then the entrees: one of our party had jalloff rice and liked it fine; the other two of us had FuFu and really didn't care for it, despite the Owner's chipper endorsement.  It was like eating bread dough in a puddle of soup.  So, don't order that but do go and try something else.  A real treat of a place.

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    The owner is fantastic.  Just like the other posts, since we were new there he went through the entire menu for us. So much fun!

    The Moimoi and the Kawelele in the appetizer section were our favorite. The Moimoi with the red sauce was delicious and we wanted to learn to make the Kawelele for a party mix at home, so yummy!

    We had the plantain / rice / chicken dish which was really good. I took the same red sauce for the Moimoi and put it on the rice to make it more flavorful and loved it.  We also had the Fufu with a nut sauce and goat. I wasn't the biggest fan of this but my husband loved it.

    Then the friggin' pancakes!!!  I am in love. I'm from Germany and so far the best pancakes are from the homeland! BUT after eating these from Ghana, i have to humbly admit, these were better. I want some more now!

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