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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
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  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    OMG I read about Sushi Katsu on FB and I had to try it out. All you can eat Sushi and I will tell you this is QUALITY SUSHI, Master.  Not the cheap sushi you find at buffets around these parts, ya'll. Wewere immediately seated even though they were really busy for lunch.  This sushi is really good!! My faves are the shrimp tempura rolls, the avocado roll and you must try the shrimp and salmon sashimi.   The price was $13.95 and we ordered some hot tea that was really excellent.  We probably ate what would normally cost upwards of $60 at any other place.   Been here twice so far and will come again!!

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    So im not really sure how this place gets an average of 4 stars becase for me this was definitely a 2 star place.  I came here becase of the all you can eat dinner menu  for $30 bucks with tax and tip.  Now granted for all you can eat places you cant expect top qualty sushi but ive been to a lot of places like this before and this was definitely below standard.  Now although its all you can eat, I thought that the pieces were really small, typically i can eat about 20 pieces of sushi but here I had to eat 40+ pieces to get full.  Second, is the quality, the seafood was "ok" but not the freshest, also I ordered the fried tofu and it was a bit sour.  Also the nori seemed a little bit too chewy, which is a sign that its old or that they dont protect it from moisture.  Now the service wasnt too bad since it was that crowded but everytime I ordered something that would have to come out of the back kitchen, I had to remind my waitress that there was still stuff missing from my sheet.  The overall selection on the  all you can eat menu was ok but there was no sea urchin or sweet shrimp or any other types of sushi that would be considered your everyday american cuts.

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    This is as good as it gets. Quality sushi at decent prices. The only complaint is you have to wait, because it's always packed, but thats because its worth it.

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