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    This by far is my favorite food Ever! I have been eating here for almost 20 years :) First lest start with the kind people who own and run this place. My son is 16 and they have always remembered him even if it had been a month or so since we stopped by. I even moved out of town for a year and they remembered me when I got back in town.. It was the first place I went to eat :) The eggrolls are the very best I ever had the fish sauce is perfect.. I have tried over the years to make it at home but never have I had such good Vietnamese sauce! The marinated soft shell crab deep fried for a appetizer is a must have!! It is so good that my mouth is watering as I'm typing this. The noodle bowls are a winner.. I love the grilled lemongrass pork... It is so good :) Sometimes my son and I just stop in and get an order of eggrolls each and that is a full meal with all the stuff to wrap them up! Please don't be fooled by all the new pho places popping up everywhere.. This place is a must try.. I know you will love it as much as I do!!!

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    I can not express how much I love this locally owned and operated Gem!
    I've been steadily coming to Kim Ba for almost 20 years now. The food has been consistently AMAZING, the portions are large, the prices are low and the service is always good.

    My favorite thing to Order is the Tu Quy which is a giant sampler platter that features Kim Ba's Vietnamese egg rolls, beef wrapped shrimp, stuffed grape leaves and the sauteed beef. It's enough to feed three people and gives patrons the opportunity to sample four delicious flavorful menu items that  they can wrap with fresh veggies to create personalized masterpieces. It's also the perfect starter for large groups or as a dinner for first timers who have never tried Vietnamese cuisine before!

    The food speaks for itself! You won't be disappointed!

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    Delicious food, reasonable prices and friendly service, in a small out-of-the-way location. A Denver classic.

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