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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Lovely waiter, yummy peach margarita! Nice huge plate of food, jalapeño jelly is delish!  Would definitely go again.

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    Almost no one spoke well enough English on my first visit, yes I realize this is a TexMex but when you can't communicate with the waitstaff it makes life difficult.

    Apparently they were known for their tequilas, there was no separate tequila menu. The server, although very nice and attentive didn't seem to really know what tequila was or which ones were offered. The food was mediocre.

    On my second and last visit my cousin's food had a hair in it. The waitress seemed very unapologetic and unconcerned. A manager never came over to apologize until we called him over. The margarita was good. I had the fish tacos, again mediocre and afraid to eat the food for fear of more hairs. Never going back unless I'm already wasted and need another drink.

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    I've been to this Chevy's a few times.   For the most part, the service has been good and the food is decent.   So why the 1 star?   Well, last night I ordered take-out for my family.   As we were eating, my wife bit into something hard.   Turns out it was a piece of glass.   She bit it hard enough that her jaw was hurting all night.   Digging through her burrito, she discovered at least 2 more shards of glass.  

    I called the restaurant and told the person answering the phone, who immediately seemed concerned and got a manager without my asking.   The manager did apologize, but I don't feel understood the magnitude of this - eating glass is not really a good thing.   She offered for me to come back in and get something else, but obviously that wasn't happening.   She did refund once I asked for it, however the lack of concern on her part seemed surprising.   I hope some effort was put in place after to ensure that there wasn't any more glass in anyone else's food, but I was not encouraged by the conversation.

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