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    This place is a total hole.  It is crawling with gross: the patrons, the staff, the filth, the drinks.  I LOVE a great dive bar, but this place is just a funeral for broken dreams and no standards.  If I had to pick between spending an evening here or spending an evening in a sewer filled with vomit, I'd take the sewer.  There's probably a much smaller chance of contracting something in the sewer.  This place is why Yelp needs a no-star option.

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    When this first opened, it was a wonderful restaurant. Now it's just a bar. If they do serve food, I don't know how anyone can taste it from all the smoke.

    Hey, if that's your thing, that's ok. Everyone deserves a place to hang.

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    The food here isn't good at all. I don't get the appeal of the place, honestly... even the parking lot is crappy. 3 stars for the Sangria.

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