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    We stopped by for the first time. My husband has ordered food from here many times at work but never went.  It was very clean and food was very good. I had the buffalo chicken sandwich and my husband had the fajitas. Sadly the bar and eating area are all together and it was very smoky. I went home to change my tshirt (because of the smoke smell) afterwards and when i got back in my car I could smell it from us riding home. I may order food to go but don't think I'd eat there again unless it's lunch. I'm sure there are more bar flies after work and the regulars start to flow in..

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    Much more bar atmosphere than bistro, if your not a smoker and don't like the smell avoid this place.  If you are a smoker and are looking for one of the last remaing bastions of smoker freedom from persecution then step in to your oasis.

    Food was impressive, got the ribs off a recomendation from a fellow patron and enjoyed them.  The fries that accompany them are the thick steak fries which were really good.  Atmosphere in the bar wasn't...but...its a bar so I hoope you're not going there do enjoy the ambiance.  They do have a seperate dinning room which I can't comment on

    Service was on par and since this place is just kind of out of my way I probably won't be back, only the cigarette smell was bad about this place.

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    An all time low.

    Why would you go here?
    If you smoke and want to be with other smokers and breath smoke.
    If you want to drink and smoke and drink some more.
    If you want to eat your food while smoking and drinking.

    I walked in on a Thursday evening and immediately the smell of stale smoke hit me.

    The place was filled with older men, all at the bar...smoking and drinking.
    I turned around and walked out.

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